Nevada Wine Storage is a dedicated wine storage facility serving the Las Vegas area. We are dedicated to storing your collection in the optimal conditions ensuring consistent temperature, correct humidity levels and complete security.

At Nevada Wine Storage we have all the components to preserve the integrity of your collection:

    * Private lockers of various sizes

    * State-of-the-art refrigeration equipment to maintain temperature

    * Professional humidification equipment

    * Fire and intrusion alarms monitored 24/7

    * Video surveillance and motion detectors

    * Inventory services

    * Private client room

You have traveled the world, tasted the finest wines, and built up a beautiful collection, so you may ask, “Now, what should I do with all of my wine?”

Building a home-based personal cellar can be expensive, time-consuming, and take up a lot of needed space. Conveniently located in Las Vegas, Nevada Wine Storage can provide you with the perfect climate-controlled conditions, so that your wine is kept safe, secure, and inventoried based on your needs. With our experts, we can advise you on tasting, research, and the drinkability of your wine.

Located in Las Vegas, NV, your experts in fine wine storage.

Stop by and check out our warehouse! Call us at (702) 650-5222